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Dielectric Grease 5Oz Tube

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CRC Di-Electric Grease seals, lubricates, waterproofs and insulates electrical connections with a thin, non-curing silicone compound that helps maintain electrical performance by reducing line sag, arcing, voltage drops and problems caused by adverse weather conditions. CRC Di-Electric Grease also provides an exceptional lubricant for fasteners used to support temporary electrical work. It improves electrical performance during adverse conditions such as rain, fog, salt spray and temperature extremes. CRC Di-Electric Grease is also excellent for lubricating and sealing rubber and plastic parts – including O-rings.


Seals, lubricates, protects, insulates and waterproofs. Temperature resistant – maintains performance level year round, will not harden, freeze, dry or melt due to temperature fluctuations. Rubber and plastic safe, will not degrade seals, gaskets or plastics.