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Fiberlock Head Gasket Repair 946ml

SKU: 401224


Pour CRC FiberLock Head Gasket & Block Repair directly into your radiator for a fast, permanent repair. CRC FiberLock Head Gasket & Block Repair works on head gaskets, engine blocks, intake gaskets, cylinder heads, freeze plugs, heater cores and coolant leaks and features a powerful 3 tier formal compatible with all types of antifreeze. Repairs leaks using three unique technologies: Military Strength Fibres Proprietary lightweight fibres with a high strength to weight ratio make an interlocking web like weave over the breach, ensuring a permanent, multi layer, impenetrable repair. Nano-Technology A = A typical block repair product attempting to adhere to a metal surface, but the particles are too large leaving room for leaks. B = CRC Fiberlock Head Gasket & Block Repair with nano-particles making a stronger more solid bond to the metal and its own particles. Cool-X Conditioner Cool-X Conditioner circulates in the cooling system for lower operating temperatures and improved heat transfer long after the repair is made.


Permanently fixes and repairs – head gaskets, engine blocks, cooling systems, cylinder heads. Latest technology in repair. Nanotechnology reinforced with military strength fibres for a superior permanent repair. Cool-X conditioner – for lower operating temperatures.