Wd-40 Smart Straw 350gm

SKU: 61009


You can use the same WD-40 aerosol multi-purpose product, but with a Smart Straw designed for precision application. It’s great for gears, hinges, spark plugs, power tools, machine mechanisms and any other tight spaces.

Simply aim and spray, and let the formula do its work. And just like the original Multi-Use Product, this aerosol multi-purpose product displaces moisture, protecting from rust and corrosion, and lubricating parts to keep equipment running smoothly.

Once you’re done, simply flip the Smart Straw down against the can, and you can straightaway access the wide spray nozzle for larger areas.

It’s so easy to use, it makes even the most demanding jobs simple. Plus there are many different sizes from the one designed for easy storage to the 400g can for when you need a lot of product. Pick up a can today. With over 2,000 uses, you never know when you’re going to need it.