Product Specifications:
Type: Silicone-based Instant Gasket
Color: Black
Volume: 75g (grams)
Application: Autofix Instant Gasket Silicone R.T.V (Room Temperature Vulcanizing) in black is a high-quality gasket sealant designed for a variety of automotive and industrial applications. It is commonly used to create reliable gaskets for sealing purposes in engines, gearboxes, pumps, and other machinery.
Temperature Range: This silicone gasket sealant is formulated to withstand a wide range of temperatures, making it suitable for both high-temperature and low-temperature applications.
Sealing Properties: It is known for its excellent sealing properties, providing a reliable and durable seal against oil, water, coolants, and various fluids.
Curing Time: The curing time may vary depending on factors like temperature and humidity, but it typically cures at room temperature, allowing for relatively quick gasket formation.
Packaging: The product comes in a convenient 75g tube or container with a secure cap to prevent drying out. This packaging ensures easy application and storage.
Usage: Autofix Instant Gasket Silicone R.T.V Black 75g is widely used by automotive mechanics, industrial technicians, and DIY enthusiasts for tasks such as creating or replacing gaskets in engines, gearboxes, water pumps, and more.
Resistant to: It is often resistant to automotive fluids like oil, gasoline, and antifreeze, as well as common industrial fluids.
Brand: Autofix is a reputable brand in the automotive and industrial maintenance sector, known for producing quality products.
Storage: Store in a cool, dry place, and ensure the cap is tightly sealed to maintain the sealant's shelf life.
Instructions: Follow the specific instructions provided on the product packaging for the best results and to ensure a proper seal.
Autofix Instant Gasket Silicone R.T.V Black 75g is a reliable choice for creating or replacing gaskets in various applications, offering excellent sealing properties and temperature resistance. Always use as directed for optimal results.