Nulon Shift Ya Bastard is perfect for thousands of uses. You’ll be amazed at how well it works – we guarantee it.

PENETRATES: Penetrates fast to help loosen rusted or corroded nuts and bolts, and helps prevent equipment from seizing due to rust or heat. Ideal for locks, exhaust parts, power antennas, taps, pipe-fittings, valves, tools and hinges. Use it anywhere a penetrating lubricant is needed. Nulon Shift Ya Bastard helps make things work like new again.

LUBRICATES: Wheels, casters, hinges, locks, latches, chains, bikes, in-line skates, workshop and garden tools, fishing rods and reels. Use Nulon Shift Ya Bastard anywhere a light and long lasting lubricating film is required. It makes assembly and disassembly of parts easier and stops annoying squeaks and squeals.

WATER DISPERSANT: Nulon Shift Ya Bastard helps start wet motors fast – dispersing moisture (water) from distributor caps and spark plug leads. Use Nulon Shift Ya Bastard during servicing to seal out moisture with a micro-thin continuous film. Ideal for all electrical and ignition systems, starter motors, spark plugs and switches. Use it after degreasing engines to protect electrical connectors from corrosion.

RUST PREVENTATIVE: Prevents rust by impregnating corrosion inhibitors into all metal surfaces. Ideal for garden equipment, sporting equipment and tools. Nulon Shift Ya Bastard protects exposed iron and steel surfaces against rust.

CLEANER: Nulon Shift Ya Bastard softens and helps clean away road tar and splattered bugs from paintwork. It dissolves and helps remove oil, grease, sticker adhesive, road grime and even permanent ink. Use it on aluminium window frames and glass to stop cement splatter from sticking.