Bellissimo classics vanilla



Bellissimo Classics premium incense sticks:
- Box of 12
- 20 incense sticks per pack
- Flat, hang-sell packaging
- Made in India

Incense has long been used for rituals and meditation. The aroma is able to calm the mind and bring relaxing and peaceful feelings to a person and the space around the burning incense. In today’s world we are lucky enough to be able to burn incense in our homes, work places and gardens making each day a special ritual. When the aroma is inhaled we are reminded to take a moments meditation during the rush of daily life.

Loving Vanilla:
Vanilla comes from a beautiful orchid and is not only used for sweet treats. Vanilla is associated with the element of air- mental thought, increased focus and intelligence. It is a great aroma for studying or learning new things. The rich sweet creamy aromas also invites love, heightened sexual desire and creativeness into a space and body. Using this fragrance in the bedroom or living space will ensure you and your loved ones can connect mentally and emotionally.

To enjoy your incense, place wooden end of incense in a holder. Light the tip of the incense stick with a flame and let it burn for a couple of seconds before gently blowing out the flame. Let the stick smoulder, releasing the fragrance until the end of the stick. Do not leave incense stick unattended.