Nulon Long Life Red Top Up Coolant 1L



Nulon Red Premium Long Life Coolant Premix (RLLTU) is a pre-diluted, read- to-use 50/50 mix of Nulon Red Concentrated Long Life Coolant (RLL) and demineralised water.
All performance characteristics of Nulon Red Premium Long Life Coolant Premix (RLLTU) are exactly the same as for Nulon Red Coolant 100% Concentrate (RLL) when RLL is mixed 50/50 with demineralised water.
RLLTU provides the ultimate anti-freeze/anti-boil and corrosion protection for all late model vehicles, including petrol, diesel and heavy duty diesel applications. RLLTU incorporates the most up to date Organic Additive Technology (OAT) carboxylate corrosion inhibitors. RLLTU is nitrite and amine free to meet US requirements, phosphate free to meet European requirements and silicate free to meet Japanese requirements. Nulon RLLTU's carboxylate inhibitor package is more stable and stays in solution better than traditional coolants. This provides an extended shelf life of 8 years. Nulon RLLTU will not form solids inside cooling systems, or become abrasive to water pump seals. All of this means that RLLTU provides maximum corrosion and anti-freeze, anti-boil protection for up to 8 years or 500,000 km, (whichever comes first).
Nulon RLLTU is the preferred coolant to use in systems fitted with aluminium radiators. It is a genuine 100% OAT based, long life coolant. RLLTU is dyed its distinct red/orange colour to instantly distinguish its unique chemistry from traditional green coolants. It should not be mixed with other coolants.
Nulon RLLTU provides maximum protection against cavitation erosion of wet cylinder liners in diesel engines.