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Tyre Gauge Dial Type Dr Air


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For Cars, Motorcycles, Bicycles, Trailers & RVs

  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Retains Reading for later Reference
  • Calibrated 10-60 PSI / 50-450 kPa
  • Acrylic Lens

Gauge Operation

  • Check when Tyres are Cold; not after Driving, as Heat Build-up may cause an incorrect Reading
  • Remove Valve Cap from Tyre
  • Reset Gauge by pressing Button
  • Push Tyre Gauge firmly onto Valve Stem and hold briefly
  • Remove and check Reading
  • Needle holds reading until released by pushing Button
  • Adjust to Manufacturer’s Recommendations

Safety First - Correct Tyre Pressure

  • Tyre Pressure should be checked Weekly
  • Optimises Fuel Economy and Ride
  • Increases Safety and minimises Tyre Wear
  • Reduces chances of Blow Out
  • Enables Proper Control