Product Specifications:

Purpose: L Plates are used to indicate that a driver is a learner and is in the process of learning to drive. Plastic L Plates are designed to provide clear indication to other road users.

Material: These L Plates are typically made of durable plastic material, which is lightweight, weather-resistant, and easy to attach to a vehicle.

Size: L Plates typically follow standard size regulations set by local transportation authorities. They are generally rectangular in shape and large enough to be clearly seen from a reasonable distance.

Color: L Plates are often white with a bold red letter "L" printed on them. The high-contrast colors enhance visibility.

Mounting: Plastic L Plates are designed for easy attachment to the vehicle. They may have adhesive backing for quick and secure mounting. Some L Plates may also have pre-drilled holes for screw-on attachment.

Legal Compliance: It's essential for L Plates to comply with local laws and regulations regarding their size, color, and placement on the vehicle.