SKU: T543


Quantity: 80 rivets per pack.

Rivet Material: Typically made of metal, such as steel, aluminum, or brass, depending on the specific type of rivet.

Rivet Type: Specify whether these are blind rivets (pop rivets), solid rivets, tubular rivets, or any other type of rivet.

Size: Provide the diameter and length of the rivets, as different applications require different sizes.

Head Type: Describe the head type, such as flat head, round head, countersunk, or other variations.

Finish: Specify the finish or coating of the rivets, which can include plain, zinc-plated, galvanized, or other corrosion-resistant coatings.

Strength: Note the tensile strength or load-bearing capacity of the rivets, which can vary depending on the material and size.

Usage: Explain the intended applications for these rivets, whether they are for construction, automotive, woodworking, or general-purpose use.

Compatibility: Mention if these rivets are compatible with specific tools or require any special installation equipment.

Packaging: Describe how the rivets are packaged, including whether they come in a plastic container, cardboard box, or other packaging.