SKU: SP3102


Product Specifications:

Size: 20cm (approximately 7.87 inches) in diameter.
Sport Type: The specific sport for which the ball is designed should be mentioned (e.g., soccer ball, basketball, volleyball, etc.).
Material: Typically made of rubber, synthetic leather, or other suitable materials depending on the sport.
Color: The color of the ball may vary depending on the sport and design.
Weight: The weight of the ball may vary depending on the sport and regulation standards.
Design: The design should match the standard appearance of the respective sports ball. For example, a soccer ball should have the traditional black and white pentagonal pattern.
Inflation: Some sports balls may require inflation, and information about the recommended air pressure should be provided.
Brand: Mention the brand or manufacturer if applicable.
Usage: Suitable for recreational or competitive play depending on the intended use.
Compliance: Conforms to relevant safety and quality standards for sports equipment.
Age Group: Specify if the ball is intended for use by children, adults, or all age groups.
Packaging: Information about how the ball is packaged (e.g., individually wrapped, in a box, etc.).
Care Instructions: Any specific care instructions or maintenance recommendations for the ball.
Additional Features: Some sports balls may have additional features, such as a textured surface for better grip or special designs for improved aerodynamics.
Country of Manufacture: Information about where the ball is manufactured.
The specifications mentioned above can vary depending on the type of sports ball and the brand or manufacturer. It's important to check the specific product listing or packaging for precise details about the sports ball you are interested in.